comma two

Step-by-step Installation Guide

Step 1

Remove the rearview mirror cover trim

Removal method varies by car, but the durable plastic often requires a strong tug to pop it off, and some slide outward. If you’d like to see how it’s done, try searching trim removal for your specific car on YouTube.

Step 2

Plug your harness into the camera

Unplug the existing LKAS camera and plug it into the harness. Now, plug the harness into the camera. The harness lives between the LKAS hardware and the original plug.

Step 3

Plug the RJ45 Cable and USB-C into the harness

Step 4

Secure harness and cables

Peel off adhesive sticker and attach the harness inside the mirror trim area. Make sure you are still able to fit your trim over the harness.

Step 5

Route the cable to the OBD port

The RJ45 cable must be brought across your car to your OBD port which is often found below the steering wheel to the left. Carefully run the cable behind the vehicle trim along the windshield, doorframe, or dash. Be sure to avoid any areas containing an airbag.

Step 6

Plug the power into the OBD port

Plug the RJ45 cable into the power and then plug the power into the OBD port.

Step 7

Put your trim cover back on

Tuck the USB-C cable in to the trim to the right of the rear view mirror area. Return the trim to its place.

Step 8

Adhere mount

First, figure out where on the windshield you would like to mount the device. We recommend it be centered on the windshield below the trim. In order for driver monitoring to work, you must be able to see the entire device when it is mounted. Be sure to leave enough room to remove the trim in the future. Clean the windshield before mounting. Remove adhesive and hold mount in place with light pressure for 10 seconds.

Step 9

Plug in USB-C and mount the comma two

Plug the USB-C cable firmly into the back of the comma two. Make sure the cable is all the way in when the comma two turns on. Slide the comma two on to the mount and follow instructions on the screen to get started. You may need to wait a few minutes for cellular connection to reach your comma two.

Step 10

Download the comma connect app

Complete the setup process inside the app and claim 3 free months of comma prime. To qualify for the free comma prime offer, you must sign up within 30 days of purchase.

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