Build the future.


To be honest, our interviews are tough. If you can get hired here, you can get hired anywhere. You'll work hard both as an individual contributor and as a team member.

So why Because you want to do something with your life. You want to see progress being made. You want to change the way the narrative will play out. You are bored, and want the world to be less boring. And at the end of the day, you want to win.

Who do we look for?


People who have done well at math competitions (USAMO, IMO, PUTNAM), competition programming (ACM, USACO, codejam, topcoder), science fairs (ISEF, STS), or capture the flag (DEFCON, secuinside, GITS). Those competitions don't just select for ability, they also select for quickness. We are in a very competitive space.


People who have contributed value to open source projects. Show us your github. Got stars? Code is never measured in quantity, but rather quality. We value those who can do more with less code; software engineering doesn't have an external selection pressure for low part count and cost like EE and ME, but you pay massive costs down the line in debugging and upkeep.


People who can design good APIs and source layouts on the first try. This is crucial to working in teams and scaling. Before you do work, you should be able to explain to a contractor what you want done. ME has a great divide between design and machining that software lacks; we want to try to fix that.

Open Positions

All positions are full time and on site in our beautiful Downtown San Diego office. Alternatively to clicking the links below, if you think we think you'd be a good fit, you can just e-mail us: givemeajob at comma ai.

If you include a good solution to our programming challenge in your e-mail, we'll take you much more seriously than if you tell us you have great "business ideas" and understand we are very busy but just want to meet for 20 minutes for coffee.

After a good phone screen and a programming challenge, we'll bring you out for a microinternship, where you'll meet the team and work on a real problem in our real codebase.

  • Senior Software Engineer / Software Engineer

    San Diego

    As part of the openpilot team, your responsibilities include developing new features, building simulation and testing infrastructure, and improving the tools our community uses to develop openpilot.

    • Excellent Python and Linux skills, at least a familiarity with C/C++

    • Write fast and efficient code that runs on hardware with limited compute resources

    • Ability to independently write, test and ship software to thousands of users

  • ML Engineer / Data Scientist

    San Diego

    As part of the Research Team, you'll be working on our ML pipeline. You'll work on our automatic ground truthing, improve our internal segnets/depthnets and work on infrastructure to process/analyse millions of miles of driving data.

    • Fluent in C / C++ / Python

    • Experience working with large data sets

    • Experience with training models

    • Know things about TensorFlow, softmax, ground truthing, and Keras

  • Safety Engineer

    San Diego

    As a safety engineer, you'll work on our safety enforcement code and write safety code for new car ports. You'll also be responsible for evolving our safety model as openpilot becomes more capable.

    • Fluent in C / Python

    • Familiarity with ISO26262 and other automotive safety standards

    • A good mindset for what safety means at scale

    • Know things about cars, CAN, C, programming, and automotive standards

  • Infrastructure Engineer

    San Diego

    As an infrastructure engineer, you'll work on our tooling, regression tests, and simulator.

    • Excellent Python and Linux skills, at least a familiarity with C/C++

    • Having pull requests upstreamed to openpilot is a plus

    • Know things about operating systems, CI, and testing

  • Navigation Designer

    San Diego

    Can you build a Waze like app people will use? Then reimagine it combined with openpilot

    • QT5 or similar SDK experience

    • C++ / JavaScript coding skills

    • Good design sense. Game development experience a plus

    • Ability to deliver on a quality experience

  • Executive Assistant

    San Diego

    • Office maintenance and management (managing all necessary policies/insurances)

    • Expense reconciliation and other purchasing support (POs, license renewals, etc)

    • Employee logistics (new hires, dismissed employees, Visas etc.)

    • Precise scheduling and calendar management for multiple engineering leads

    • Managing access permissions

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