Bounty Program

Port to new car, upstream the code, get paid

Code must be merged upstream into openpilot devel. System must have both longitudinal and lateral control working, with similar quality to the Honda Civic. If the car doesn't ship with a radar, adding an external one is okay. External actuators don't qualify, port must use built in ones. Extra interface hardware is fine if required (like for Accord). Port must follow safety rules to be upstreamed and eligible.

After you have a port working up to the point that it has driven 6 minutes in stop and go traffic (video proof please!) and follows the safety rules, submit it as a pull request to openpilot devel on github with the title "Bounty: <car model>".

You then have a lock, and as long as you are working with us to upstream it, no one else can claim it. Once it's merged, we will pay out via check or wire transfer.

Chevy Volt/Bolt -- $10,000 *CLAIMED*

High end trim includes a radar and adaptive cruise control. Tap into the existing LKAS system and upgrade it!

Ford or Lincoln (MKZ, Fusion, F-150, any!) -- $2,000

If you've used the stock system, you know these cars really need the upgrade. Must be a production car, Dataspeed kit car not eligible. We did some work on a Fusion, but we encountered a EPS timer that locks you out from sending steering commands for more than 10 consecutive seconds. Can you solve this?

Toyota Prius or RAV4 -- $10,000 *REMOVED*

So many ways in! See Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units for a place to start.

Nissan Rogue -- $1,000

Very popular car. Another $1,000 for longitudinal.

BMW i3 -- $1,000 *REMOVED*

It has FlexRay. No radar, Mobileye camera does both lateral and longitudinal controls.

Jqgould, +$500 for i3
LouisMerrow, +$100 for i3

Volkswagen Group with FlexRay -- $2,000 *CLAIMED*

It's FlexRay, it's hard, but German cars are so nice. Honorable mention if it's a Porsche. $1000 if you can only get lateral working (which should not involve FlexRay).

Tesla Model S (No AP, AP1, or AP2) -- $5,000 + $100 *CLAIMED*

Steering controller can be commanded over CAN on all Model S. Old Model S don't have a radar, adding one is fine.

Jqgould, +$100 for No AP Model S

Honda Bosch lateral control -- $1,000 *CLAIMED*

Get lateral control working with Bosch hardware still doing longitudinal control

Honda Bosch longitudinal control

Some Honda have a Bosch system and don't publish radar points. openpilot already performs lateral control, get openpilot longitudinal working on them! You can't use a proxy panda. All Bosch system Honda are eligible.

K1n3ticKevin +$500 for Bosch longitudinal

Toyota without DSU (like C-HR and Camry) -- $2,000

Some of the Toyota don't have a DSU, so radar does longitudinal control. openpilot already performs lateral control. It seems hard, but maybe there is a way to have the radar not sending longitudinal control messages while still broadcasting obstacles. You can't use a proxy panda.

Honda CR-V -- $1,000 *CLAIMED*

Easiest one on the list. The 2016 Touring has the same connector as the ILX and Civic. The brake packet is the same, the steering packet is very similar. Well within the realm of a weekend project.

Unsupported car make -- $1,500 ($1,000 for lateral, $500 for longitudinal)

Port a new car manufacturer that does not currently have support (e.g. Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Lambos...). Get openpilot to do lateral control or get openpilot to do both!

Special Bounties

panda J2534 Driver Fix -- $2,000 *CLAIMED*

Get the panda Windows J2534 driver working with HDS and TIS and submit a pull request to the panda repo.

panda J2534 LIN support -- $500

Add LIN to the Windows J2534 driver

panda high quality CAN autobaud -- $500 *CLAIMED*

Must be high quality! Stay silent until you know the baud.

Open Source FlexRay Adapter -- $2,000 *LOCKED*

Design and build an open source adapter to send and receive FlexRay over Ethernet or USB. Might I suggest using this devkit? Write a FlexRay boardd and add FlexRay to log.capnp in openpilot.

Micro Bounties

Look for the "BOUNTY" tag within comments in openpilot. Lots of micro problems to tackle.

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