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Most new cars on the road today are built with features designed to assist with driving but fail to deliver. comma openpilot is open source software that improves them.

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A nicer way to drive

comma openpilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane.


Drive to a highway

Reach a comfortable speed on a highway and center the vehicle within the lane.


Press cruise control

Locate the cruise controls on the steering wheel and press SET to engage openpilot.


Watch the road

Release the controls and keep your eyes on the road. Press a pedal to disengage.

Driver Monitoring

When openpilot is engaged, a driver monitoring system is actively tracking awareness to help prevent distractions. Keep your eyes on the road.

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Watch openpilot drive

Want to see openpilot in action? Watch an unedited drive in a Toyota Corolla.

openpilot 0.6 in a Toyota Corolla

Plug and Drive

Installing an EON DevKit into your vehicle is as easy as mounting and connecting to the stock camera in your car. Out of the box, the EON DevKit does not have any software capable of controlling your car. You can install open source software separately.

Check Compatibility

Try EON for Free

With a 30 day free trial, the EON DevKit is more accessible than ever. Just pay return shipping and send it back for a full refund.

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@comma_ai thank you very much for existing 😍❤️ 3 hours driving without touching the steering wheel. I’m not tired and I have energy to enjoy my vacation ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

Testimonial Author Avatar

Danilo Marques


My first road trip with @comma_ai. Drove 10 hours yesterday with one stop. Even though I was alert and paid attention the whole time, I experienced significantly less fatigue than usual.

Testimonial Author Avatar

Dave Friedman


I'm very happy with my @comma_ai product on my Toyota corolla 2017. I just got back from my first 2 hour drive and honestly i only drove like 1% of the trip openpilot did the rest. Thank you @comma_ai for the products and can't wait for the improvements to come. My wife Loves it.

Testimonial Author Avatar

Julio Alvarez


I drive a 2017 Chevy Volt Primer, and found out recently about a project called Open Pilot by @comma_ai. After some research I decided to give it a shot. Today was the first day of letting Open Pilot drive my car down the freeway for me. My thoughts: Amazing & Awesome!

Testimonial Author Avatar

Erin 🌸 FireBall1725


Heck I am hooked to @comma_ai Open Pilot for my everyday driving needs so much, I don't want to touch my @Toyota Camry that doesn't have TSS-P! Is it autonomous? Heck no! Does it take driving burden off your shoulder? For the most part: stop-and-go, highway, etc.

Testimonial Author Avatar

Pratik Chhatbar


Always improving

comma.ai continuously learns and updates every month from the thousands of drivers in our fleet with high precision GPS data.

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Miles Driven10,000,000+
Fleet Members4,500+
openpilot Updates400+

Easy access to help

Join our discord channel and reach out to someone in the fleet with your car for feedback or specific troubleshooting tips. You'll also find the comma team active most hours of the day.

Say Hello on Discord support@comma.ai

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