Ghostriding for the masses.

Experience the future of driving. Retrofit your car with a copilot today.

EON Dashcam DevKit

Augment your driving experience with realtime road monitoring.

Super human driving.

Capture a whole new perspective of the road.

Drive with a copilot

EON shows realtime driving feedback

Keep your storage space

Driving data is backed up in the cloud

Run your own code

All of EON's code is open source

panda OBD-II Dongle

Get full access to your car’s messages over WiFi and USB

A whole new way to explore your car.

Reverse engineer with cabana.

Plug panda into a laptop with USB and watch CAN messages stream in realtime.

Replay your drives with chffr.

Pair panda with chffr over WiFi to record and playback drives with CAN messages.

The largest network of driving futurists.


Miles driven in network


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GitHub stars on openpilot

Join the comma community has a vibrant community working on new ports and features. Join the community on slack. Your car is yours. No longer do you have to wait for the slow development cycle of automakers. You can take control and make your car better today.

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