Ghostriding for the masses.

Join our expansive network of drivers and improve your car experience today.

EON Dashcam DevKit

On your dash. Helping you out. In the cloud. Open source.

giraffe Connector

Complete your development setup with the elegant giraffe.

panda OBD-II Dongle

Get full access to your car's messages over WiFi and USB.

Teach self driving cars with chffr

The future of autonomous cars depends on skilled drivers like you to teach them. Put your road time to work with the best dashcam app for your phone.

Hack your car with cabana

Reverse engineer the raw CAN messages from your car with a live USB connection to panda or from your chffr drives in cabana.

Upgrade your car with EON

EON is dedicated dashcam hardware running chffrplus. Perfect to hack on. It works with panda and the rest of the network.

Make driving better with openpilot

This open source software can help drive your car. It's still learning though, so always pay attention!