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What is openpilot?

comma openpilot is an open source driver-assistance system. Currently, openpilot performs the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automated Lane Centering (ALC) for compatible vehicles. It performs similarly to Tesla Autopilot and GM Super Cruise. openpilot can steer, accelerate, and brake automatically for other vehicles within its lane. Check it out on GitHub.

In order to enforce driver alertness, openpilot includes a camera based Driver Monitoring (DM) system that alerts the driver when distracted or asleep. However, even with an attentive driver, we must make further efforts for the system to be safe. We have designed openpilot with two other safety considerations:

  1. The driver must always be capable to immediately retake manual control of the vehicle, by stepping on either pedal or by pressing the cancel button.
  2. The vehicle must not alter its trajectory too quickly for the driver to safely react. This means that while the system is engaged, the actuators are constrained to operate within reasonable limits.

How does openpilot work?

openpilot works by connecting to your car's CAN network. Most modern cars accept electronic steering, gas, and brake commands to allow for ADAS features. openpilot can use these commands to provide much better ADAS features than the car manufacturers can provide.

Is my car compatible with openpilot?

A complete list of compatible vehicles can be found on our Compatibility page.

What should I buy to run openpilot in my car?

After verifying that your car is compatible, we recommend purchasing a comma device in our shop. Don't forget to purchase a car harness to connect it to your vehicle. Add to cart, check out, and you’re good to go!

Do I have to pay attention?

Yes, the driver must always be able to immediately retake manual control of the vehicle, by stepping on the brake pedal or by pressing the cancel button. When openpilot is engaged, a driver monitoring system actively tracks driver awareness to help prevent distractions. The openpilot system disengages if you are distracted. Drivers must keep their eyes on the road at all times and be ready to take control of the car.

What is the openpilot safety model?

More info about the openpilot safety model can be found here.

What are the limitations of openpilot Automated Lane Centering?

openpilot Automated Lane Centering (ALC) system does not automatically drive the vehicle or reduce the amount of attention that must be paid to the area in front of the vehicle. The driver must always keep control of the steering wheel and be ready to correct the ALC system action at all times.

Many factors can impact the performance of openpilot ALC, causing it to be unable to function as intended. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor visibility (heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.) or weather conditions are interfering with sensor operation.
  • The road facing camera is obstructed, covered or damaged by mud, ice, snow, etc.
  • Obstruction caused by applying excessive paint or adhesive products (such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, etc.) onto the vehicle.
  • The device is mounted incorrectly.
  • When in sharp curves, like on-off ramps, intersections etc…; openpilot is designed to be limited in the amount of steering torque it can produce.
  • In the presence of restricted lanes or construction zones.
  • When driving on highly banked roads or in presence of strong cross-wind.
  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Bright light (due to oncoming headlights, direct sunlight, etc.)
  • Driving on hills, narrow, or winding roads.

The list above does not represent an exhaustive list of situations that may interfere with proper operation of openpilot components. It is the driver's responsibility to be in control of the vehicle at all times.

What are the limitations of openpilot Adaptive Cruise Control?

openpilot Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is not a system that allows careless or inattentive driving. It is still necessary for the driver to pay close attention to the vehicle’s surroundings and to be ready to re-take control of the gas and the brake at all times.

Many factors can impact the performance of openpilot ACC, causing it to be unable to function as intended. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor visibility (heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.) or weather conditions are interfering with sensor operation.
  • The road facing camera or radar are obstructed, covered, or damaged by mud, ice, snow, etc.
  • Obstruction caused by applying excessive paint or adhesive products (such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, etc.) onto the vehicle.
  • The device is mounted incorrectly.
  • Approaching a toll booth.
  • When driving on roads with pedestrians, cyclists, etc…
  • In presence of traffic signs or stop lights, which are not detected by openpilot at this time.
  • When the posted speed limit is below the user selected set speed. openpilot does not detect speed limits at this time.
  • In presence of vehicles in the same lane that are not moving.
  • When abrupt braking maneuvers are required. openpilot is designed to be limited in the amount of deceleration and acceleration that it can produce.
  • When surrounding vehicles perform close cut-ins from neighbor lanes.
  • Driving on hills, narrow, or winding roads.
  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Bright light (due to oncoming headlights, direct sunlight, etc.)
  • Interference from other equipment that generates ultrasonic waves.

The list above does not represent an exhaustive list of situations that may interfere with proper operation of openpilot components. It is the driver's responsibility to be in control of the vehicle at all times.

Do I retain my car factory safety features with openpilot installed?

When openpilot is enabled in settings, Lane Keep Assist (LKAS), and Automated Lane Centering (ALC) are replaced by openpilot lateral control and only function when openpilot is engaged. Lane Departure Warning (LDW) works whether engaged or disengaged.

On certain cars, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is replaced by openpilot longitudinal control.

openpilot preserves any other vehicle safety features, including, but are not limited to: AEB, auto high-beam, blind spot warning, and side collision warning.

Does openpilot support manual transmission cars (with the driver shifting)?

On certain cars, manual transmissions are supported if they have the packages listed in the compatibility table. If you’d like to learn more, join us on Discord, where some of our members are supporting manual cars.

How does openpilot recognize the car model it is connected to?

If your car is on the list of supported cars, openpilot will automatically recognize the model of your car by performing a scan of relevant ECU firmware versions present in your car. The presence of certain ECU firmware versions is an indication of the model year, car brand, car model, and trim.

If your car isn’t recognized as supported, your device will fall back to a dashcam only mode, preserving the stock functionalities and the user will receive a notification on the screen.

How do I update openpilot?

All software updates are received over-the-air (OTA). openpilot will automatically check for updates when connected to the internet. Your device will notify you on the screen when an update is available and prompt you to reboot the device to complete the update.You may also manually check for updates in the settings, under the "software" tab.

Does openpilot work at all speeds?

Supported speeds vary depending on the car. Please reference the supported car list for vehicle specific speed limitations. Maximum speed is the same as the maximum speed that stock ACC can be set to (car dependent) with a hard limit at ~92mph.

What is a fingerprint?

A fingerprint is the method openpilot uses to determine which vehicle it is connected to.

Current methods use vehicle ECU firmware logging. openpilot will fingerprint the vehicle on each start up.

If openpilot detects a firmware version not previously logged, it will need to be added to the codebase. Guides on adding new firmware can be found here.

Where is my dongle ID?

The dongle ID of your device can be found in Settings of the device in the Device tab.

How do I leave feedback for openpilot?

Feedback, good or bad, can be given in the #openpilot-experience channel on our community Discord.

comma connect and prime

How do I claim the free prime offer?

Sign up for prime in comma connect. With a purchase of a comma three, you get a free month of comma prime, in which you can cancel at any time. After that, you will be charged $24 a month (domestic only).

The free prime offer must be claimed within 30 days of purchase and a credit card must be provided.

Live outside the United States? You can still sign up for prime lite by bringing your own active SIM card.

What is connect?

connect ( is a dashboard of your recent drives.

Your drives are accessible for 3 days (or 1 year with a comma prime subscription).

connect provides other features such as battery voltage, snapshot, and navigation guidance.

What is the difference between prime and prime lite?

With prime ($24/mo), domestic data is included (comma three only).

With prime lite ($16/mo), you must also provide your own SIM card with an active data connection.

How do I transfer a prime subscription to a new device?

We aren't able to transfer comma prime subscriptions between devices. To do so, you must cancel your existing prime subscription through and sign up with the new device.

How do I cancel comma prime?

We've made the Refund Policy as straightforward as we can, no hidden clauses and no fine print.

  • You may cancel your subscription by selecting the "Cancel Subscription" option on in the settings cog -> "Device Settings" -> "Manage Prime Settings". You can do this at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. Upon canceling your comma prime membership, no further fees will be charged.
  • If you have a free trial period, we will charge your credit card with the monthly subscription fee at the end of the trial period.
  • We will continue to charge your credit card account on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription. For example, if you joined on April 5 your credit card will be charged on May 5; June 5; July 5; and so on until you cancel your subscription.
  • Your cancellation takes effect immediately.
comma devices

How and where do I buy a comma device?

The comma shop is the only official retailer of comma devices (the comma two and comma three). The comma shop accepts all major credit cards. We offer free shipping in the U.S. and $30 flat rate international shipping.

Buy the comma three here.

I ordered a comma device! Now what?

Congratulations! Get started by watching the Installation Guide on our setup page. We find on average the installation process takes 15-30 minutes.

If you encounter an issue, we recommend you join our Discord community where hundreds of active users are available to help troubleshoot.

Orders are fulfilled on Monday and Thursday. You can cancel your order for a full refund up until it ships through your order page.

Does installing a comma device require permanent modifications to the car?

Installing a comma device does not require any permanent modifications to your car. With the car harness, most car trims remain in place.

How do I mount my comma device?

Watch our Mounting Guide. First, figure out where on the windshield you would like to mount the device. We recommend it be centered on the windshield below the trim. Be sure to leave enough room to remove the trim in the future. Clean the windshield before mounting with the included alcohol wipe. Remove adhesive and hold mount in place with light pressure for 10 seconds. Remove the comma device and press firmly on the mount. Let the adhesive cure for 48 hours.

Before placing the device on your windshield, check the state and local laws and ordinances where you drive. Some state laws prohibit or restrict the placement of objects on the windshield of a motor vehicle. IT IS THE USER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MOUNT THE DEVICE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND ORDINANCES. Always mount your device in a location that does not obstruct the driver's view of the road. comma does not assume any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of any state or local law or ordinance relating to the use of your comma device.

Note: In California, a system with driver monitoring can be mounted on the top center of windshield.

Will installing a comma device void my warranty?

From the FTC website: "Simply using an aftermarket or recycled part does not void your warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket or recycled part."

Will my insurance cover my car with a comma device installed?

Contact your insurance provider directly; insurance coverage is between the user and their insurance provider. comma hardware users have been able to get coverage and discuss this on reddit here.

Insurance companies are beginning to understand the safety benefits of ADAS and LKAS systems like openpilot and we have not heard of any providers rejecting coverage to comma hardware users.

How long will my device have software support?

Although there's no official support for any software, it is comma's policy to continue providing software updates to hardware for 1 year after it is the latest generation sold.

comma body

What is the body?

comma body is “the future of people.” You buy a comma body, buy a comma three (the head), attach the comma three to the body, and watch it come to life.

We believe that in order to solve AI, for most people’s definition, you must be embedded in the real world. We define AI as a machine that can do every task at least as well as a human. And in order to do human tasks, it helps a lot to have a human like body. The comma body is the beginning of that journey.

Today it’s a mobile platform for the comma three, but we will be building a knee and arms for it. Like everything we do, we try to distill the problem down to its essence, so unlike some companies, we aren’t focused on the humanoid shape. Wheels are a fine form of locomotion for cooking and cleaning, the dream tasks of the comma body. Two arms, a knee, and a comma three should complete a comma person (sold separately, knee and arm coming in 2022/2023).

What software does it run?

The comma body runs openpilot! From openpilot's perspective, the comma body is a car. It runs the same camera and logging software, so we'll be able to learn from the fleet of bodies in the same way we learn from our fleet of cars.

At launch, the software will balance the body (using the same localizer as the car!) and allow you to drive it around via web interface. Shortly we’ll add video streaming to that web interface, allowing you to drive your body outside line of sight. We’d also like to add a VR app to drive the body from a first person view, this will be needed by the time we ship the arms.

Once we start getting data back from our body fleet, we can train models. The first model we will train (jointly with the driving model!) is a posenet, allowing inside out position tracking. When this model is shipped, the localizer will change from 3-DoF to 6-DoF. And once the dead reckoning is similar quality to what we have on the cars, adding a SLAM system will be very simple to allow drift free localization in your environment.

Money-back trial

What is the 30-day money-back trial?

If you are a first-time comma three purchaser, you will have up to 30 days from your installation date to try comma three devkit. If you don’t love the way comma three transforms your driving, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Do I have to pay for my comma three first before I try it?

Yes. If you pay by credit card, you will pay the full cost of the comma three at the time of purchase. If you decide to return your comma three you will be refunded the full cost of the unit.

If you finance comma three through Affirm and wish to return within 30 days, Affirm will refund your installments, minus any applicable interest fees, after your comma three is picked up and the return is processed.

Does the 30-day money-back trial start based on the order date, installation date or first drive?

The 30-day money-back trial starts the day your comma three is delivered. (Signature confirmation required for delivery.)

How do I return my comma three?

To return your comma three, please fill out this form and a return label (or return instructions if not in the US) will be automatically sent to you.

Are all delivery areas eligible for a 30-day money-back trial?



Do you sell parts?

We do our best to offer replacement parts for your comma two and comma three. Please check out our shop for our current offering.

Is the 1-year hardware warranty transferable?

Yes. Hardware in the comma shop comes with a 1 year limited warranty against defects. If you have a device that was not purchased from the comma shop, the 1 year warranty does transfer, but you must provide the original order number and email address associated with the device. We cannot provide this information for you.

How do I cancel or modify my order?

You can cancel or modify (cancel and reorder) your order by visiting your order status page. A link to the order status page can be found in your order confirmation email.

Your order is cancellable if it has not been already been shipped. We package orders around mid-day on Monday and Thursday every week. Occasionally we will ship immediately or during a holiday, so we cannot always guarantee that we can catch your order early enough to cancel or modify it.

To modify your order, use the edit button on the order status page. When you "Edit" an order, it is canceled and refunded and then you must make a new purchase to update whatever you would like corrected.

Do you have wholesale and discounted bulk pricing?

We offer a 10% discount on products with the purchase of 10+ (excluding parts). This discount will automatically be applied in the cart. No code necessary.

If the discount is not automatically applied, please contact support for assistance.

The comma shop is the official and only retailer of comma devices. comma does not sell devices in any other stores online.

Shipping & Returns

How do I make a return?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase from the comma shop for any reason, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to request a full refund. Request a refund here.

If you purchased in the US, a USPS domestic return shipping label can be emailed to you by request here. A $9.99 fee will be deducted from your refund for using the prepaid shipping label. If you do not use the label you will not be charged for it. If you choose to not use the prepaid label provided by us or are an international return, ship the items pre-paid and with tracking.

You will receive a confirmation email when your return has been processed. Please be patient as it can take 2-5 business days to process the return.

Original packaging for return is not required but we are not responsible for devices damaged due to poor packaging. If you are reusing a box, please remove or cover all barcodes and existing labels.

International return information can be found here.

How do international returns work?

The buyer is responsible for international shipping costs to return a device for both 30 day returns and warranty returns. comma covers the costs of sending a replacement device. Replacement devices are given a value of $1 (buyer is always responsible for all taxes and duties).

Please use tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are typically fulfilled during the week of purchase. Shipping is via UPS. We do not offer expedited shipping. If you place an order on a Tuesday, you can expect it to arrive the following Tuesday-Thursday. Keep an eye on your email for tracking information.

International shipping times can vary widely, so please be patient.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order for a full refund up until it ships.

To cancel your order, click "View Your Order" on the order confirmation email and cancel on the order page.

Where does my order ship from?

All orders ship from our warehouse in San Diego, California.

Where do we ship?

We ship to U.S. addresses including Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories. We ship internationally with a flat rate of $30.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for U.S. addresses including Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories. Most items can be expected to arrive within 3-5 business days after purchase. We will send you tracking information via email.

International shipping is flat rate via UPS and costs $30. Note that international shipping times can vary widely, so please be patient.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 1-year limited warranty against hardware defects. Have a hardware defect? See the support page.

What is the return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase from the comma shop for any reason, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to request a full refund. Request a refund here.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

When we receive the device at our warehouse, we will inspect the shipment to ensure all parts have been returned and the device undamaged. Once the device has been inspected, usually in 2-5 business days, we will process your refund and reimburse the payment method you used for the original purchase.

Hardware Troubleshooting & Failures

How do you replace the SIM card in a comma three?

All comma threes (shipped in the US) come with a SIM card. The SIM slot is a push/pull mechanism, where you must push on the card to release it and then guide it out.

Make sure your SIM is inserted correctly by following the step-by-step guide below:


How to replace the SIM card in a comma three

  1. With the comma three off and unplugged, tap/push the SIM card with the big SIM card, credit card, or other narrow hard object to release the SIM (you will hear a click).

  2. Gently pull the SIM card from the SIM slot (try tweezers)

  3. Push the SIM card into the SIM slot (with the metal contacts facing downwards) with your fingernail or plastic card until you hear a click or reach resistance. If you've done this step correctly, the SIM card should stay completely recessed inside the comma three.

We recommend you clean the camera lenses with a microfiber cloth before using the comma three again.

How to activate the new SIM card

Once your new SIM card is installed, your comma three will need to connect to Wi-Fi to activate the SIM card. Best ways to get your comma three online: hotspot from your phone, bring your car somewhere with Wi-Fi or connect your comma three to a USB charger in a place with Wi-Fi. Your comma three requires about 5 minutes of Wi-Fi connection and then can take up to 30 minutes to activate and might require a reboot. You will know the activation started when the device displays "CONNECT ONLINE".

After the next reboot, your SIM card should connect to the internet and you should have prime again!

comma three stopped turning on

comma three has supercapacitors. When unplugged, allow them to fully drain for 30 seconds before plugging the device back in.

Still nothing? Reflash AGNOS.

Still nothing? Contact support with your troubleshooting steps.

Camera Malfunction

Perform a factory reset or uninstall in the menu. Settings -> Software -> Uninstall and reinstall the software.

Still seeing the alert? Contact support, please include your order number, device serial number (found in the settings of the device), and a route where the camera malfunction alert is displayed. Our team will use this information to diagnose the issue.

Performing a Factory Reset

Reset the comma three by repeatedly tapping on the screen as soon as the device boots up. After that, the factory reset screen will come up.

Reflashing AGNOS


In order to put your device into fastboot mode:

  1. Connect power to the OBD-C port (port 1).
  2. Then, quickly connect the comma three to your computer using the USB-C port (port 2).
  3. After a few seconds, the device should indicate it's in fastboot mode and show its serial number.


  1. Clone AGNOS onto your computer.
  2. Put your comma three in fastboot mode.
  3. Run ./
  4. Run for Linux and macOS or flash.ps1 for Windows

Can I buy a comma two?

The comma two is no longer offered for sale, and has been removed from the shop. The comma three is our latest hardware offering and can be purchased here.

Customers with a comma two are still covered under our one year hardware warranty.

How can I invest in comma?

comma is a private company and we are not seeking outside investment at this time.

Can I get a review device? (I am Reviewer/Media/YouTuber)

We offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy if you would like to experience a comma three for yourself.

I'd like to partner with comma.

We don't really know what that means. We offer wholesale pricing and these services.

Car companies: How to work with us?

Why haven't I heard back from support?

Probably because you have asked us something that can be answered by a quick scanning of this support FAQ. We do our best to reply to all inquiries that cannot be addressed by this support wiki.

Check Compatibility? Don’t see your car, then it’s probably not supported. DIY support: See example PR. • Bug? We do not provide support for openpilot. Try Discord or make an issue on GitHub.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Check out the community Discord.