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panda OBD-II Interface

panda OBD-II Interface

Communicate with your car.


White (WiFi)
Grey (High precision GPS)


panda is the nicest universal car interface ever. It allows you full access to the many communication buses of your car from a computer or a phone.

panda+cabana is like fitbit for your car. Track your RPMs, MPG, cornering G-force, battery life, and so much more. Panda also work as a CAN to USB adapter. 

panda is designed for cars 2008 and newer. panda firmware is released under the MIT license.

The panda contains:

  • 3x CAN 
  • 2x LIN
  • 1x GMLAN
  • USB A 
  • Wi-Fi (White Panda only)
  • High Precision GPS (Grey Panda only)

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Not compatible with comma two.

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