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EON Gold Dashcam DevKit

Retrofit your car with a copilot.

EON Gold Dashcam DevKit

Retrofit your car with a copilot.


panda OBD-II Interface

The nicest universal car interface.


White (WiFi)
Grey (High precision GPS)

giraffe Connector

Get data from your car's radar.


Honda Nidec
Honda Bosch


The EON is more than just a regular dashcam; It includes:

  • 64 GB onboard storage
  • Free cloud storage of recent drives.
  • A driver facing camera optionally records the inside of your car.
  • Review and download your drives through explorer.
  • When used with a panda, record CAN data to know more about your car.
  • New features continuously added through over-the-air updates. We'll soon include forward collision warning and driver attention monitoring to improve your drives. We also plan to include auto-start recording when suspicious activities are detected (intrusions, collisions etc...).
  • Wi-Fi and optional cellular connections allow to upload your driving data in real-time, without the need of ever removing the EON from your car.

Built on our operating system NEOS foundation, we run chffrplus, comma's open source dashcam software.

Explore your drives from explorer, cabana (when drives are recorded with panda) or from the device; EON integrates with the comma ecosystem.

Check out our set up guides and resource documentation, here

Note: This product is not designed to drive a car. This product is designed to be a dashcam.

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