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EON Dashcam DevKit

Retrofit your car with a copilot.

EON Dashcam DevKit

Retrofit your car with a copilot.



panda OBD-II Interface

The nicest universal car interface.


White (WiFi)
Grey (High precision GPS)

giraffe Connector

Get data from your radar.


Honda Nidec
Honda Bosch (ships in 2-8 weeks)


You need three things on your dashboard: a dashcam, navigation, and music. EON is all three. EON is your new dashboard.

Built on a solid NEOS foundation, we run chffrplus, our award winning open source dashcam software. chffrplus is a cloud based dashcam, meaning all your drives don't eat up the space on your device.

Explore your drives from the chffr app or from the device; EON integrates with the comma ecosystem.

Since it's based on Android, it runs Waze and Spotify too. The highest quality music and navigation apps in the world. It doesn't run slacker radio or mapquest.

Check out the launch announcement for more info.

Note: This product is not designed to drive a car. This product is designed to be a dashcam.

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