comma key

comma key

Connect to your car
Free US shipping, $30 flat rate internationally.

User story: You adventured off of release2. You wanted to try the latest mods. You are cutting edge. So cutting edge in fact, that you bricked your comma two with crappy cutting edge software.

Now your comma two is sad. It never recognizes the car anymore. The LED on the back stays stuck one color. You believe that all is lost.

Then, in the depths of the comma dev shop, you find a key. A comma key. You recognize that it's an overpriced key, but know that if it can save your precious comma two, any price is worth paying.

You purchase a comma key, hold down the magic button of unbricking, flip the switch, and your comma two comes back to life. No incantations required. You do not need a priest in your party.

Just a comma key.

Open Source

Buy it here or build it yourself. comma keys are open source hardware.