We're solving self driving cars while delivering shippable intermediaries.
We make the comma 3X and develop openpilot, an open source advanced driver assistance system.

We're bringing Autopilot like abilities to cars on the road today like Hyundais and Toyotas (250+ supported models).

openpilot enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically in its lane. The comma fleet is thousands of drivers and over 100 million miles driven with our hardware.

• Over 56% miles are driven by openpilot.
• 50 million miles driven engaged.
• Completely free and open source.
• The only thing you can buy today that stops at red lights and stop signs besides Tesla FSD (costs 10x more).
Ready For Growth
Hello from CES 2023. We don’t have a new product this year, because the comma three is already everything you want. Did you see the taco drive?

Most people agree the product is great, there’s just been one persistent complaint. The price. It’s about time that it changes.


Over the holidays, we ran a pricing survey that 1270 people participated in. After filtering out the trolls and people who couldn’t follow directions, we were left with this.
Results of pricing survey
According to Van Westendorp’s Price Sensitivity Meter, acceptable prices range from $800 to $1800, all lower than we had it priced. Thanks to the power of insourcing, we’ve been able to reduce manufacturing costs. This means we have more pricing flexibility, and we’ll be lowering the base price of the comma three.


The comma two was not the most reliable consumer electronic. It cost us almost half a million dollars to honor all the one year warranty replacements we had to do, in addition to the hassle people endured sending them back. We were very determined for this not to happen again.

The comma threes have been 5x more reliable for a while, and though it’s only been 6 months, comma threes built in the new office (with tons more space) look to be 10x better!

Insourcing not only lowers prices, it also increases quality with all the added control we get. This increased quality means less warranty support, more savings for us, and more savings for you. If the 10x holds for a year, that puts the failure rate of a comma three purchased today on par with a modern iPhone.

In-house circuit board liNE

pick and place + reflow oven
One of the goals for our new office was to bring board production in house. We have a solder paste printer, a state of the art pick and place, an oven, an AOI machine, and belts to connect them. It’s basically Factorio in the basement.

Owning the machines (no assembly bill) combined with increased reliability of the final devices allow us to lower the price.


2023 will mark our return to profitability. There’s never been a better time to join the comma ecosystem. comma is compatible with over 250 cars, and the quality of driving is unbelievably good.

Buy a comma three and try it today. It can be self installed as easily as setting up a piece of IKEA furniture, makes no permanent modifications to your car, and can be returned for full money back within 30 days.
comma three press release
  • introduces comma three with 360° vision. Featuring the most powerful triple-camera system to ever live on your windshield.



What's In The Box

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A Drive To Taco Bell

Earlier this year, we promised to drive to Taco Bell without a disengagement, on a stock car, with open-source code, on a comma three. In December we reached our goal! Watch openpilot take us to Taco Bell below.

Navigated to destination autonomously, handled highway on and off-ramps, and made left and right turns.
Supported Cars

openpilot can drive for hours without driver action.

It works on 250+ car models from Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and more.
Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Palisade
Kia Niro EV
Lexus ES
Toyota Corolla
Toyota RAV4
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