The future of driving is open source.

Look at phones.

For years, every phone manufacturer shipped a crappy operating system. These were so bad they didn't even have names. Motorola RAZR OS? LG Phone Firmware? Some tried to do better, with BBOS on Blackberry and Symbian OS on Nokia. (spoiler alert: those companies went out of business)

Then the game changed. In 2007, Apple released the iPhone. It wasn't immediate. You had the "a phone needs a physical keyboard" haters. And those who couldn't believe it only had 2G and no apps. But they didn't really matter. Slowly, it became to define what a phone was.

Here is where our story begins. In 2015, George Hotz was approached by a friend to build the vision system for the Tesla Model S, perhaps the iPhone of cars? After a "miscommunication" with Elon Musk, the contract fell through, but the future was obvious.

Every pathetic car manufacturer writing low quality autonomy features? This is phones in 2007. Sure, Blackberrys and GMs look nice now, but after a few OTA updates from Tesla they will be a joke.

What happened to phones will happen to cars. The iOS and the Android. The Autopilot and the openpilot. is building the Android for cars. We have an open source driving agent that runs on Honda, Toyota, and GM. And we have hundreds of daily active users uploading all the data back to us. So the system gets better. Updates are pushed out. And we slowly move forward.

In 5 years, the world will call it obvious. Of course cars will play out like phones. Tesla will run Autopilot. One idiot will still be trying to run Windows Phone. And everyone else will be running the open source operating system from

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