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EON to comma two upgrade

EON to comma two upgrade



Offer expired. Reach out to if you still have an EON to trade in.

Take $200 off a new comma two by sending your EON back to us.

The EON must be working with a case installed, and a fan/heatsink with the phone unmodified. Modifications to the case or cooling solutions are OK and still qualify.


1. Purchase this product (you will be charged).

Note: If you are still using a giraffe, you must also purchase a car harness for your vehicle. The comma two can not connect to your car without a car harness.
If you are already using a car harness, you only need to purchase this product.

2. Ship your EON back to us with tracking.

You must include your upgrade comma two order number inside and on the box. EON
501 W. Broadway
STE A #403
San Diego, CA 92101

3. When the EON arrives, give us 2-5 business days to process it.

4. We ship your new comma two along with everything else attached to the same order number!

Trade In Fine Print

All open orders will be canceled at the end of the month. Ensure your EON is delivered to us by August 25th.

The device can be any type of EON we've sold in the past. Original EON, EON Gold, EON Special Edition, etc.

We must receive your EON before shipping the comma two.

This offer is for new comma two purchases only.

Ship your EON according to local laws and regulations.

Comma two Overview
We’ve designed the comma two to always live on your windshield; it’s quieter, and with an integrated panda it is a minimal install. Driver monitoring is now available during night driving. Select your car harness to connect the comma two to your vehicle. (note: the comma two is compatible with existing car harness.)

comma two includes 3 free months of comma prime (begins on ship date). To claim your free prime, download the comma connect app which is available for iOS and Android. Inside the app you can see your recorded drives or access them on the web in explorer and cabana.

The comma two does not ship preloaded with software capable of controlling your car. Open source software can be installed separately.

In The Box

1 comma two devkit (device trim color may vary)
2 mounts (with adhesive)
(purchase a car harness to connect the device to your vehicle.)

Comma two Tech Specs
No battery!
Auto-shutoff protects your car battery
Front and back cameras
Infrared LEDs for night time driver monitoring
Integrated black panda
OBD-C is the new standard port for comma hardware
4th CAN bus to connect to the OBD-II port

Comma two Fine Print

Free US shipping, $30 flat rate internationally.

Orders are fulfilled on Monday and Thursday (and picked up the following day). U.S. shipping is via USPS and includes Saturday delivery. We do not currently offer expedited shipping.

Buyer is responsible for any customs fees associated with purchase.

1-year limited warranty against hardware defects.

Before using the device on your windshield, check the state and local laws and ordinances where you drive. Some state laws prohibit or restrict the placement of objects on the windshield of a motor vehicle. IT IS THE USER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MOUNT THE DEVICE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND ORDINANCES. Always mount your device in a location that does not obstruct the driver's view of the road. comma does not assume any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of any state or local law or ordinance relating to the use of your comma device.

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