Setup your panda

Getting full access to your car has never been easier. panda is the nicest universal car interface ever.

setup > panda

Download the chffr dashcam app

Before you can start streaming messages from your car, you'll need to pair your panda with chffr.


Plug panda into your car's OBD-II port

Check your car owner’s manual for the exact location of your OBD-II port and plug panda in. Ensure panda is firmly connected to the port.


Finish pairing with your chffr app

Follow the panda pairing steps in chffr during the initial setup or from your account menu at any time. Once complete, you’ll be ready for the road!

Checkout the code that powers panda

Review, fork and contribute to panda’s open source firmware on GitHub. Flash your own code, run debug scripts or add more driver support for your devices.

Join the comma community

The developer community works on new ports and features. Join us on slack, our wiki, and GitHub. Your car is yours. No longer do you have to wait for the slow development cycle of automakers. You can take control and make your car better today.

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