Setup your EON

Start developing on your car with your EON

setup > EON

Mount your EON

Attach one of the provided GoPro mounts to the EON. Remove the backing of the GoPro mount and attach to your windshield. Your EON should be mounted roughly center of the windshield where it can see the whole road. This will leave the driver facing camera towards the left for future software improvements such as driver awareness monitoring.


Connect EON to power

Connect your EON via USB to either a Panda in the OBD-II port of your car, a giraffe and Panda, or USB power from another source.


Calibrate your EON

The EON will start recording drives when panda detects an ignition signal from your car, or once a GPS fix indicates you are driving. Calibration should happen quickly and you will be on your way to driving with your new copilot.

Checkout the code behind EON

Review, fork and contribute to the EON open source ecosystem on GitHub, including: chffrplus, NEOS, and openpilot.

Join the comma community

The developer community works on new ports and features. Join us on slack, our wiki, and GitHub. Your car is yours. No longer do you have to wait for the slow development cycle of automakers. You can take control and make your car better today.

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