Open Positions

Car Hacker

Because someone has to write the Subaru port. And many other car ports. And so many quirks to work out. Oh and if you were worried, I am kidding, you won't be hacking Subarus. Know Python, how cars work, something about reverse engineering, and some firmware development.

UI/Game Developer

Think old school. Like C and OpenGL and stuff. Before Unity. Take designs and turn them into an openpilot UI that's as responsive as a video game. Driving should be fun!

Head of Localization/Mapping

Come build super accurate maps from huge data. We’re looking for someone to lead our mapping team so we can release open source HD maps and make other mapping companies cry. Python/C++.

Machine Learning Engineer/Data Engineer

Improve our internal segnets and depthnets. Work on our automatic ground truthing and ML pipeline. Build better models for openpilot and ship them. Know about TensorFlow, softmax, ground truthing, and Keras.

All positions are full time and on site in our beautiful new San Francisco, CA office. Jobs do not have requirements beyond the generic ones on hiring and writing good code. Just convince me that you can do the task and make it ship. Our stack is largely written in Python, with some C/C++.

We are actually about to change the world.

email: givemeajob at