• The Half Way Point

    The truth about the overly hyped “self driving cars” is this: they don’t really exist, and when they do exist...

    2018-07-13 13:36:42
  • Safety and Driver Attention

    I’m sure if you follow the self driving car space, you’ve heard about the two recent deaths in the news. The ...

    2018-04-13 20:45:22
  • Gold Star Minute

    Here at, you all teach us how to drive. But a question we get a lot is, how much are we teaching the...

    2018-03-18 01:18:48
  • openpilot port guide for Toyota models

    openpilot is an open source driving agent, maintained by and currently compatible with several Honda...

    2018-01-31 05:52:04
  • Bringing Forward Collision Warnings to our open source self-driving car

    At we are building openpilot, open-source software that can drive your car. Right now support includ...

    2018-01-22 18:23:03
  • Self Driving Car Awareness Week

    Finally, that time of year you all have been waiting for…it’s Self Driving Car Awareness Week! We’re celebrat...

    2017-12-12 23:53:58
  • Announcing the EON Dashcam DevKit

    You all know for its dashcam software chffr. chffr runs on iOS and Android, and is just about the be...

    2017-10-19 13:00:01
  • A panda and a cabana: How to get started car hacking with

    A quick link for those who’d just like to buy a panda, otherwise read on.

    When I started on this journey 2 ye...

    2017-07-07 13:00:08

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