giraffe selection guide

Determine which giraffe fits your car.

What is a giraffe?

giraffe is an adapter board that lets you read the data from your car that isn't typically accessible from the OBD-II port. The giraffe connects to the existing Lane Keeping Assist Camera (LKAS) which is found at the top of the car windshield towards the center.

How do I access the LKAS Camera?

The LKAS camera will be covered by a plastic housing. You can apply gentle force to remove the cover. Here are some removal instructions.

How can I verify I'm buying the right giraffe?

Currently we sell four giraffes: Toyota, Honda Bosch, Honda Nidec, and Honda Nidec (Inverted). The Toyota giraffe supports all Toyota and Lexus vehicles. If you own a Honda or Acura you will have three giraffe options. Check the pictures below to determine which type of connector your car has.

What if my car is neither a Honda or Toyota?

Our community has built custom giraffes for Chevrolet, Tesla, Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Visit our openpilot README and join our Slack for more information.

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