Announcing the $5,000 NEO Challenge

$5,000 cash to the first team to make it
around the race track autonomously
at self racing cars 2017
using a comma neo
and a production car

To be eligible for the prize:

* Car is a production street legal car without hardware modifications. No non stock or third party actuators. We got around the track last year in an Acura ILX without hardware mods.

* Under $1,000 of cost beyond what's in the in car and the neo. Raw GPS sensors are cheap (what we used last year). Sensor fusion is free.

* All compute on the neo, no external computer. 4 cores and a GPU is enough for anyone. You have Python, clang, OpenCV, and OpenCL on NEOS.

* The car must make it around the track according to standard racing rules without human interaction.

* employees are not eligible. We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. Request clarifications on twitter.

* Prize goes to the first team to make a successful attempt. If two teams would like to attempt at the same time, and they both succeed, the prize is split.

* The winning entry must be open sourced under the openpilot license (MIT)

Good luck!