Open Positions


We are starting to accumulate a massive amount of data about how cars drive. Currently our driving system openpilot is 100% reactive. Add in GPS information, categorize, and drive down the worldwide number of disengagements that appear on MassiveMap (our internal worldwide map of all users). Know about PID loops, how to debug, how sensors work, and when sensors fail.


Take a comma neo running openpilot, point it at a computer running GTA or similar, and have it drive. Write and maintain openpilot regression tests. Maintain and improve our internal route replay infrastructure. Drive and regression test real cars. Know how to test well.


Infrastructure. Build and maintain the backend of what's soon to be the largest AI data collection machine in history. 1000's of hours of data come in, process them, make them easy for the company to use. Maintain and improve our large map that's soon to be 3D. Provide more value to our chffr users. Know about celery, EC2, the cloud, and good APIs.

Firmware/Car Reversing

Develop the code that runs on our car interface. Reverse engineer cars into nice DBC files. Add more car support to openpilot. Know about CAN, SPI, operating systems, and how cars work.

Machine Learning Engineer

Improve our internal segnets and depthnets. Work on our automatic ground truthing and ML pipeline. Build better models for openpilot and ship them. Know about TensorFlow, softmax, ground truthing, and Keras.

3D Reconstruction

We have data from tons of sensors that is all correlated. Build a global optimizer for the 3D location of points and the car path. It's SLAM, but with a lot more information than just a video. Then use free satellite data to globally localize it. We are Waze 2.0, building a 3D map of the world. Know about SLAM, visual odometery, sensor fusion, and projective geometry.

All positions are full time and on site in our beautiful new San Francisco, CA office. Jobs do not have requirements beyond the generic ones on hiring and writing good code. Just convince me that you can do the task and make it ship. Our stack is largely written in Python, with some C/C++.

We are actually about to change the world.

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